Our Team 1

Meloney Sallie-Dosunmu

Founder and President of Precision Talent International, is a highly skilled facilitator and organization development consultant. She has over 25 years of experience helping private, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations implement training and development initiatives that produce results.
Past employers include Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute, Just Born and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Clients rely on her ability to diagnose training needs, engage executives in development efforts, design, develop and conduct classroom and virtual training, and equip in-house staff to be effective trainers.

In addition to her MBA, Meloney has a sharp understanding of organizational needs, acquired with years of experience as a learning executive in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, distribution and non-profit organizations. Her experience includes leadership development, coaching, workshops and OD projects for executives, middle managers, front-line leaders, technical experts and front-line employees from the plant floor to the office.
Our Team 2
Master Trainer

Andrew C. S. Au

Ph.D in Immunology with 34 years of experience in APAC business development and management, regional office management, channel management, commercial product management, sales & marketing, application based new market niche cultivation and development in the Asia-Pacific region, and training of the sales and marketing organizations.
Integration of newly acquired businesses into the Asia Pacific operation. A fast learner of new technologies with capability to identify new business opportunities and apply new knowledge, together with available technologies, to package solutions to customers. Ability to logically assess market dynamics (including regulatory policies, market trend in terms of technologies and growth potentials, funding, competitions, etc.) when structuring sales and marketing strategies.

Ability to identify factors that help differentiating from competitions, and structure value and marketing strategies that could help demanding for a higher premium through solution-based product bundling and product support. Education of and alignment of market and business strategies with channels.
Our Team 3
Master Trainer

Donna Dougherty

Donna Dougherty, Master Trainer, is a seasoned learning and development professional with a over 25 years of experience. Her industry expertise include retail, manufacturing, laboratories and hospitals. Donna’s core competencies include instructional design and interactive delivery.
She creates a learning environment that is innovative, engaging and fun, which facilitates sustainable learning. Donna’s key areas of focus include Project Management, leadership and coaching. She is the founder of Warm Hearts for Cold Noses.
Our Team 4
Master Trainer

Donna Steffey

Donna is a leading facilitator for the Association for Talent Development (ATD)’s Master Trainer program. She has over 20 years of training and facilitation experience, in a variety of industries. Donna’s dynamic style sets the stage for high energy, interaction and collaborative learning.
In addition to training and facilitating, Donna has expertise in instructional design and coaching.
Our Team 5
Master Trainer

Pedro Anes

Pedro’s greatest benefit to your company is his rare and diverse mix of work experience, education and business savvy. His 32+ years of managerial leadership experience in military, non profit, government, corporate, small business, business ownership and consulting for other complex organizations lends credibility and value to every client interaction.
His formal education includes an Associate Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelors Degree in Management, and a Masters Degree in General Administration. He is a Ph.D candidate in Human Development with a specialization in Higher Education Administration.