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Our ministry programs are designed to help cultivate strong leaders and enable them to deliver excellence in their ministry work. Our programs combine biblical principles with business best practices and proven skills and methodology.

Our programs:

  • Are highly interactive
  • Practical
  • Provide tools and methodology
  • Are fun!
Ministry Programs
Full Engagement: Ministry Leader Conversations to Drive Engagement and Results This 12 hour program provides the tools and techniques ministry leaders can use to engage and motivate members to improve results. This can be customized to meet the church’s leadership schedule.
Biblical Characteristics of a Ministry Leader What does the Bible say about leadership? This program offers 6 leadership characteristics that are described in scripture. Participants will assess their church and or ministry on each of these characteristics, then complete a personal inventory to measure their application of applying Biblical leadership.Finally, participants will learn improve their walk, around each of the characteristics.
Innovative Teaching Techniques Does your ministry team struggle to keep attention in the classroom? Do your students retain what they learn in your classes?
This program, available both for those teaching children and those teaching adults, offers a “train the trainer” approach to bring their content to life. They will use experience centered learning to keep the attention of their participants.Bible study, Sunday School and Chldren’s church do not have to be boring!

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